You Need To Visit One Of These 4 Pool Villas In Malaysia During Your Lifetime

The typical daydreamer’s escape would consist of a private pool, lazing on a sundeck with a beer or a cocktail in hand, and the comforts of a home away from home. And then they’re contented to let that image just slip away.

But why not take a chance for once and turn that daydream into a reality? With these 4 Pool Villas in Malaysia, you would have to visit at least one of them during your lifetime!

  1. Banjaran Hot Springs Resort, Ipoh

They don’t call this a retreat for nothing. Banjaran Hot Springs has so much to offer; you’ll be awestruck at first sight. Situated in a mind-boggling 19-acre valley, the resort is blessed with natural limestone hills, geothermal hot springs and meditation caves.  And if those are not enough to tempt you, what about having a private pool in your villa with a sunken jacuzzi that spews out natural hot spring water!

  1. Grand Lexis, Port Dickson

If you’re looking into having a tranquil paradise within a villa in Malaysia, Grand Lexis PD could probably fit that bill just perfectly.  Grand Lexis PD is just off the coast of Seremban and made all the more spectacular with a private pool and garden in each of its villas. The best part about Grand Lexis? It’s extremely affordable and offers an excellent range of activities for the family such as fishing, karaoke, air hockey and many more.

  1. The Villas, Petaling Jaya

One could never have guessed that within such a bustling inner-city state such as Petaling Jaya would be home to a paradise of sorts. The Villas in Petaling Jaya is nothing short of phenomenal regarding service. Each villa comes with a private pool and your own butler service, and nothing really beats having a private lounge that offers daily breakfast and evening cocktails every day!

  1. Japamala Resorts, Tioman

Tioman is world-class for its beaches and resorts, but the Japamala Resorts really stands out for its intricate wood interiors and full-length windows to allow natural sunlight dispersed by the surrounding trees of the rainforest to stream in. The beauty of it all – a private pool with natural flora and fauna just a few meters away. Guests can choose to fish, snorkel or just relax with an in-room massage and indulge in comfort foods at Mandi-Mandi Restaurant.

These four carefully picked resort villas are the few of the best in Malaysia that can provide the best in luxury and comfort. With a private pool in each of its villas and services that are top-notch, maybe now is the time for a truly relaxing break from the hustle and bustle.

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