Where to Relax Nearby Kuala Lumpur?

Port Dickson is a getaway from busy Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur. This seaside city is located 90 km (55 miles) from Kula Lumpur, but takes just over an hour to get to via North South Expressway.
There are a couple of good reasons as to why you should consider visiting Port Dickson.

#1 Beaches and nature

The beaches are among the best attractions. In fact, there are several spots where those seeking relaxation from city life can rest on white sand. Beaches stretch 18 km (over 10 miles) and there are plenty of choices when it comes to finding the best PD hotel in your price range. The hotels there range from budget to luxury.


Visitors can rent jet skis or take a sea tour. The area is surrounded with beautiful nature and there are nature reserves for those interested in seeing local animals and plants. There is Ostrich Show Farm with many species of this animal.


#2 Local history and culture

Tourists interested in history have at least a couple of interesting choices. One is the Army Museum that is located next to a real military base. This is where you will learn about the local army and see various types of aircraft as well as weaponry used in the past.

Lukut Museum 2

Another historical site is Fort Lukut & Museum. This fort was built in the 19th century for the purpose of controlling trade in the area. Visitors to this location will get to see muzzle loading guns.


Going to Port Dickson’s waterfront is a way to see how the locals live. It is also a destination for shopping. There are restaurants where you can try local cuisine to wrap up your Malaysian experience.

Or, if you’re based in Kuala Lumpur, that’s where you’ll get to relax a bit more before returning to the vibrant capital of Malaysia. This should make it a good weekend getaway.

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