Visitor’s Guide to Penang: Events Not to be Missed in May 2017

Penang is Malaysia’s Cultural Hotspot. A colorful city filled with activities to do, may it be on the beach, on an island or in the city capital. Whether you’re staying at a Penang Beach hotel or a location by the city, Penang is full of activities and spectacular scenes to take photos of. If you have plans on visiting Penang in May, it’s best to plan it around the many events happening in Penang. Here is a list of five events happening in Penang this May that you don’t want to miss.

  1. Art Walk Week

On the 7th of May, Downton Historic Georgetown will be home to jazz concerts, theater shows, and street art all to celebrate the rich culture and art influenced by the historic city of Georgetown. Take amazing photos and revel in the sights and sounds.

  1. Wesak Day

Wesak Day celebrated on the 10th of May this 2017, brings light to the birth, enlightenment, and death of Buddha. In Penang, Wesak Day is a spectacle to see. With a 7-kilometer grand float processions in George Town and a choir of young children singing local and traditional songs, Wesak Day is a life-changing event; and learning about Buddha will change your perspectives like no other.

  1. Penang International Dragon Boat Festival

On May 28 and 29, even if you’re not a participant, thousands come to watch the fierce competitions and action during the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival. Teams from all over the world come to compete at Teluk Bahang Dam, Penang while watchers enjoy barbecue, drinks, and the sun while cheering for their home country.

  1. Penang Floral Festival

Thousands of visitors flock to the Penang Botanic Gardens every year for the Penang Floral Festival. Home to the historical majestic Penang Waterfall, the Penang Botanic Gardens is a 29-hectare site with 12 zones including a monkey path. On May 28th, the gardens host workshops, exhibitions and festivals for one week to celebrate the majesty of nature.

  1. Ramadan Bazaar

May 26 is the start of the Ramadan Bazaar in Penang. The Bazaar is host to an array of tasty food, traditional Malay clothing, religious goods, and events to celebrate Ramadan and bring the spirit of the festivities.

When planning out your Penang holiday, make sure to check out these events for a memorable stay. Take unbelievable photos and have unimaginable memories on your Penang trip.

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