Top 5 Essential Tips When Going to Legoland With Your Family in Tow

legoland-main-banner-v3Who doesn’t know Lego? Children across generation have found hours of joy and fun in these colorful construction bricks. So for families with Lego-loving children and adults who have a hard time moving on from Lego, what’s more exciting than to go to Legoland together?  Legoland is a huge theme park situated in Johor Bahru Malaysia, with over 70 rides guaranteeing fun for the whole family. Since vacationing with your family in tow tends to be stress-inducing, we’ve gathered the 5 best tips that will help you plan your family trip to Legoland while still keeping your zen.


  1. Take Advantage of the Awesome Bus Services

It may sound counter-productive. How is taking the bus with my excited children and multiple bags easier than, say, driving there? The cool thing is, there are direct buses connecting Legoland with Kuala Lumpur and Singapore! First of all you’ll save money (bus fare is RM57 per person), and second of all, you’ll avoid the stress that comes with driving through a traffic jam (which is, let’s face it, notorious in Malaysia). Nothing kills kids’ excitement faster than grumpy parents behind the wheel. You could also use this time to bond with your children, by bringing along a card game, or a magnetic board game, to play in the bus.


  1. Pack Healthy and Energizing Snacks

As parents to snack eaters, you may already pack some snacks wherever you go. It’s kind of default. Since Legoland is vast and filled with fun stuffs, your tiny humans will need energy boost from time to time. Since it’s not always easy to have healthy snacks when you’re up and about, consider packing some that are great for recharging you and your family; such as fruits, energy bars, trail mix, sugar free juice boxes, or single serving milk boxes. Not only these are great for pick-me-ups, they also avoid sugar rush and the energy crash that comes soon after.


  1. Check The Weather Forecast Prior to Leaving

Weather is Malaysia is usually great all year long. Even during the wet season (April to October), the heavy downpours don’t last very long. But it’s still advisable to check out the weather for the day you’ll spend there. This will help you know exactly what to expect. If the forecast announces big sunny day, bring hats and sunscreens. If it says some rain and/or wind, bring sweaters and rain jackets. One thing to note: when there are thunders, Legoland closes some attractions for security reason. If by any chance you’re experiencing some thunders when in the park, maybe it’s the perfect time to buy souvenirs for everybody.


  1. Provide Your Kids With Your Info

One of parents’ worst nightmares is having a child lost in the crowd. Yes, as parents we try to be cautious and extremely careful at all moment to avoid this. But sometimes, in a crowded place some things may get out of our control. That’s why it’s best to provide each of the children you have in tow with your information. Write down in a piece of paper your name, phone number, and a secondary phone number. Laminate the paper, and attach a string to it, so your kids can wear it around their neck or wrist. Also, teach your children to ask for help from the Legoland staffs or security members if they get separated from you.


  1. Get a Hotel Nearby

One day is not enough? It’s completely understandable. Since there are many interesting things to do, you may want to stay overnight, and re-do it all again the next day. In that case, especially if you have young children, consider renting a room in a hotel nearby. If you want to keep it Lego-themed, there’s a Legoland hotel in Malaysia, which is actually adjacent to the theme park. Consider to place a reservation early though, since the hotel may get fully-booked during vacation peak season (school holidays, events like Christmas and New Years, etc). And cherry on the cake, with your room reservation you can get some interesting discounts, like the 2-Day Combo ticket for the price of 1 offer.


A family outing in theme parks like the Legoland doesn’t have to give you headache. With some preparations, you can avoid the stress and keep your cool, and even enjoy the fun day! Bring these 5 tips with you, and cherish the moments you spend with your family in Legoland. Make this trip one for the book.


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