There is So Much More to See in Port Dickson


Port Dickson, or PD as the locals call it, is a bit of quiet paradise in among the active cities of Malaysia. This popular beach resort is 90km south of Kuala Lumpur and only 30km from Seremban. It is only three hours away from Johor Bahru and Singapore, but tourists tend to like to stay in Port Dickson because of its relaxing pace.


City History Includes Mining, Resorts

Port Dickson, now a beach community, started off as a village where Malay traders and fishermen lived. It had a carbon mine and then Sir Frederic Dickson turned the village’s focus to transporting tin ore deposits out of its port. It became a beach resort spot in the late 1900s, hitting its height of tourism in the 1990s.

Beach Accommodations are Available

There are many resorts, hotels and vacation rentals in the area, so finding a PD hotel is more a matter of choice than availability. There are accommodations for both the budget conscious and the highly affluent. While the area sustained heavy growth damage to its beaches and lakes in the 1990s, local governments have restored the areas to their pristine condition. The beach, stretching 16km, is quieter now than at the height of its tourism glory, providing a relaxing moment in another world. Two beaches that rank high with guests are Tanjung Gemok Beach, judged by visitors to be “clean and scenic,” and Blue Lagoon Beach, which tourists said was a “nice and peaceful beach” and rated it one of the best beaches in PD.


Restaurants Offer Seafood

The number one food in PD is seafood. Gim Men Teppanyaki ranks in the top 10 restaurants with fresh seafood, as does Ah Cui Bak Kut The. One of the favourite restaurants is a pizza place, Tino’s Pizza.

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Things to Do in Port Dickson

Port Dickson has several venues that will keep you and your family busy. The Army Museum takes a couple of hours to tour and is great for children. The Alive3D Art Gallery is also fantastic entertainment for the whole family. There is also the PD Ostrich Show farm where you can participate in feedings and the Wan Loong Chinese Temple offers an experience in Asian culture and history.

Whether you are relaxing on the beach, eating seafood at a local eatery, staying at a resort or hotel in Port Dickson, or touring one of the area’s museums, you are sure to unwind. Port Dickson is the perfect place to soak up Malaysian culture and still have a sense of the West.


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