The Cheapest, Most Comfortable Way To Travel Between Kuala Lumpur And Singapore

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to travel from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore you have several options. You can fly, take the train, or hop on the bus all for just a few Bob. Some people save even more money by taking public transportation from Kuala Lumpur to Malaysia and then heading to Singapore. But even if you want a direct connection from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore there are a number of ways to get there without having to pay a pound and a crown.

The bus from KL to Singapore


A flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore is cheap and fast. There are several airlines offering deeply discounted fares between the two countries. A flight between them takes about 45 minutes and costs between $30 and $50 depending on the day of the week you travel. But flying between the two countries can end up costing you a lot more and taking a lot longer when you factor in the time it takes to check in and retrieve your luggage, clear immigration, pay any applicable tax, and get transportation for the two hour ride from the airport to downtown Singapore.

The Train

Taking the train between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore is another low-cost option. Many people prefer the train because even though it takes between 6 and 8 hours to get to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur, it is a very comfortable and scenic journey. If you travel during the day, you can sit back and watch as quaint kampongs (traditional villages) and picturesque palm oil plantations whizz by. Many people take the night train to Singapore, pay a few shillings extra for a sleeping birth, and arrive in downtown Singapore the next morning well rested and refreshed all for between $19 and $140.

The Bus

Overall most people agree the bus is the best option for cheap travel between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The bus trip is relatively fast, about 5 hours, costs around $50 dollars, is very, very comfortable, and takes you right into the heart of downtown Singapore where everything you need will be within walking distance. There are many private bus companies that make the trip. Those busses offer Wi-Fi, comfortable seats, personal TVs, and even massage chairs. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

So if you are looking for a cheap way to travel between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore you have several options. Discount airlines have flights to Singapore from Kuala Lumpur leaving about every 15 minutes for about $30. The train ride is cheap, scenic, and restful. The bus from KL to Singapore, on the other hand, offers the best combination of price, comfort, speed, and convenience.

A Word To The Wise

Avoid travelling between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore between Friday evening and Sunday if at all possible. The traffic, crowds, and immigration workers are all worse on weekends. Plus prices are higher. Travelling during the week will save you more money and hassles and allow you to have more fun.

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