The Best Child Friendly Destinations in Kuala Lumpur You Absolutely Need to Visit



Kuala Lumpur is well known as a busy and bustling city that is fast paced and welcomes everyone. As such, it is a fine destination that anyone can consider for a family holiday. The all year round warm weather is broken only by short spells of showers during the rainy season. However, overall, the weather is pretty dependable and very suitable for long days outdoors enjoying the sun,


Kuala Lumpur offers much in the way of wholesome family entertainment which are completely kid friendly and safe. As such, there is plenty to see and do, and you’ll never have to worry about your kids being bored. Here are some of those attractions, in no particular order:


Aquaria KLCC 


This underwater aquarium experience is a must visit for any child who wants to see how underwater life exist in their most natural form. Aquaria offers very interesting educational programs for children, one of which is called ‘Sleeping with the Sharks’ where kids can sign up to watch nocturnal sharks appear after dark and then spend the night at the aquarium. There are always events being held here that visitors can participate in, so keep a look out for those.


Jump Street Theme Park 


Jump Street is a unique theme park, as far as theme parks go, because the entire place is filled with courts where you can jump your heart out, including large plots of trampolines, a foam pit, a basketball court and even courts with trampolines on the walls. When you’re tired, you can always go up to the cafe for some refreshments and snacks.


Sunway Lagoon Theme Park 


Sunway Lagoon is the most popular water park in Kuala Lumpur and is divided into several sections, including a dry park. a wet park, a wildlife park and extreme park. The wet park has many pools, including a splash pool for young ones to enjoy playing in shallow water under the watchful eye of their parents. The wildlife park is also another part of Sunway Lagoon that is ideal for children as they can interact with many tame animals including birds.




Kidzania is every child’s dream as they are allowed to live and experience the adult world in a slightly more miniature form. Kidzania is a theme park that imitates an adult city, and children can try various jobs including fireman, banker, journalist, pilot, photographer, doctor and many others. They then earn some Kidzania currency which they can learn to spend on things like food and services. Kidzania not only helps children discover what they want to do in life, it also teaches them basic financial concepts like how to save and start a bank account.




Located in Shah Alam, this outdoor adventure park offers about 23 adventures that include a flying fox ride, a dragon bones adventure course and many others. This park is suitable for children who are very energetic and enjoy the outdoors. Each adventure requires them to climb, walk across, run and hang on to things to complete obstacles .


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