See The Best of Penang by Trishaw: The Fun Way to See Penang!

The year 2017 is full of long weekends, 9 to be precise. And the month of May is kind enough to give us two such long weekends. How about a holiday in Penang?

Penang, a state in the northwest part of Malaysia, having the most diverse, cosmopolitan and exciting cultures. Known for its beaches, fishing villages, and mountains, Penang offers something to every holidaymaker. And what better way to see Penang than in a colorful, eco-friendly, old-fashioned Penang Trishaw, locally referred to as ‘beca’.

What is Beca and where can you go with it?

Beca is primarily found in Georgetown area, a UNESCO world heritage site. Popular among the tourists, this ride allows you to see Penang at a slow pace, savoring all the heritage that Penang has to offer. Trishaw is a flexible means of transportation around the city, allowing you to stop for a photo, a quick bite and even to shop for quirky souvenirs.

Another major attraction in Georgetown is the famous street art sprinkled all over Armenian Street. This is a must do and is highly recommended on foot. But if you’d like, trishaw is another great option. The price of using a Beca in Penang varies from about RM 15-30 per hour. Try to negotiate the price before the start of the ride. And if you’re happy with the ride, be generous and tip the peddlers for their laborious effort on a hot, sunny day.

Other things to do in Penang:   •       Penang National Park   •    Penang Hill   •      Sun Yat Sen Museum

Now coming to the favorite part: Food!

Don’t miss out on the delicious, mixed-cuisine of Penang. Street food is as famous as the street art, so give it a try. Make a pit stop in one of the quaint cafes and try the famous Penang white coffee coupled with Malay cake. You will instantly fall in love with Penang.

Hope this has inspired you to head to Penang and take that joyous ride on the Trishaw. Don’t wait, book your hotel to avail seasonal offers. For great deals on Penang hotel booking, do your research on the internet as soon as possible with the best of them go fast.

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