Port Dickson Wise Choice for Malaysian Holidaymakers


about_pdMalaysia boasts abundant sunshine, spectacular golden beaches and ideal temperatures for those who desire a tropical getaway. For this reason, Port Dickson and other areas near Kuala Lumpur have remained popular among holidaymakers for decades.


602b31eb-f868-48e9-8195-c332a0f87230_1024_614Travellers can choose from a resort in Port Dickson or a hotel suite in Kuala Lumpur or nearby location. Camping is also an option in this picturesque area of the world, but regardless of where one plans to stay, the following activities and attractions should be placed on his or her must-see list:

merdeka_square06Walking Tours

Nearby Kuala Lumpur offers an exceptional number of intriguing and beautiful sites that can be viewed free of charge from one of the region’s many walking trails. Free guided walking tours are provided by the city, and visitors can choose from trails that take them through Malay villages, Kampung Baru, or the colonial heart of the capital, Merdeka Square. There are also several trails that go through Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant Indian district, which offer particularly beautiful scenery along the way.


Diving fans should head to the Semporna Archipelago in Sabah for one of the greatest diving experiences available in Malaysia. Described by Jacques Cousteau as ‘an unspoiled piece of art,’ this area is a pinnacle-type island that is famous for its breathtaking beauty and outstanding diving opportunities. Divers can also opt for a submarine tour that will give them the chance to see giant sea turtles, hammerhead and reef sharks, whales and barracuda.

endauparkriverEndau-Rompin National Park

Hikers in Malaysia should schedule one full day to explore the Endau-Rompin National Park, where a vast area of natural jungle is waiting to be explored. On guided tours, visitors can view leopards, elephants, tigers, monkeys, various species of birds, tapirs and even the endangered Sumatran rhino. Many hiking trails lead to remote waterfalls, where rare birdlife can be viewed in its natural habitat.

898454_33_zCameron Highlands

Those who enjoy exploring tea plantations should consider a day trip to the Cameron Highlands. Tours of the plantations are available year-round, and many travellers enjoy walking through the beautifully landscaped gardens, complete with geometrically designed bushes and lovely views of nearby peaks and waterfalls. Most tours commence with a tea tasting social for visitors who wish to participate.

Perhentian Islands

Anyone who enjoys snorkelling should visit the reefs of the Perhentian Islands. The beaches that surround this tropical peninsula offer some of the best scenery and underwater activity available. Participants can drift over colourful coral formations or simply enjoy spotting various species of tropical fish. Equipment rental is available from several local vendors for those who wish to travel light.

The activities listed above are perfect for travellers of all ages and from all walks of life. Because of its diversity and international appeal, those searching for an enjoyable and engaging Asian holiday should consider a trip to Malaysia. Whether holidaymakers choose a resort in Port Dickson or other type of accommodation, those who visit this exciting and mesmerising region of Asia are sure to have the time of their lives.


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