Places to Visit in Port Dickson


For those who are hoping to visit and experience some unique destinations around Port Dickson, there are plenty of beautiful, interesting and exotic places that you’ll enjoy.

Besides, don’t forget to check whether the attractions are close to your hotel in PD. You might need to take the distance into consideration for you to have a great experience without worrying over long car rides.

PD Ostrich Showfarm

With an amount of ostriches totalling over 90, this farm is an interesting place to bring the entire family. Along with ostriches, there are peacocks, pheasant and estuarine crocodiles. It’s a terrific place for children to learn about ostriches, but there are also plenty of activities like ostrich egg stepping. There are traditional games of the kampong like coconut bowling that children will enjoy. There are many animals roaming free throughout the farm, so visitor can interact with them.

PD Mini Zoo

After visiting the ostriches on the ostrich farm, families can head to the mini zoo managed by the Tiara Beach resort. There are many animals that the children will love to experience up close like camels and horses. Visitors to the zoo can participate in donkey rides either on the carts or the donkeys themselves.

Army Museum

The museum is free to visit, so visitors can make this a trip that won’t put a dent in their budget. There are plenty of planes and machines used during World War 2. There are many displays that give information about the military personnel of Malaysia’s past.

Upside Down Art Gallery

This gallery is great for kids or the entire family. There are interesting exhibits and tour guides will steer you to the right way to hold your camera and position yourself to take pictures. In one exhibit, you’ll be able to take a picture in a position that makes it appear that you’re levitating off the ground. It’s a fun gallery to visit when you’re in Port Dickson.

3D Art Gallery

If you want to spend some time in art galleries while you’re in Port Dickson, you shouldn’t miss the 3D art gallery. There are 3 floors of interactive displays and places where you can take pictures of yourself among the artwork. In some areas of the exhibits, you’ll have to remove your shoes, which might be daunting for visitors. Tour guides and instructional plaques will guide you on the best way to pose with the artwork.

Cape Rachado

Visitors can hike to the top of the summit to see the beautiful lighthouse, or they can see it from a boat. It’s the oldest lighthouse in Malaysia. At the top, you’ll be able to see some fantastic views in all directions. It’s a peaceful location that is worth the hike. Visitors should remember to bring water as well as bug repellent.

People who are staying in a local hotel in Port Dickson can visit a mini zoo, ostrich farm or 3D art gallery. It’ll be fun for the entire family to experience all that PD has to offer its tourists. When you’re ready to head outside for a view of the sea, don’t forget Cape Rachado’s lighthouse.


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