PD Hotels in High Demand Among Malaysian Travellers


Malaysia is located in the South China Sea near Indonesia. On an annual basis, holidaymakers from Singapore and other parts of Asia visit this tropical paradise to experience its immense beauty and charm. Boasting a blend of lovely, well-maintained beaches, rainforests and intriguing Asian culture, Port Dickson is a Malaysian beach town that offers something for every type of traveller. Commonly referred to as “PD” by local residents, the town and other surrounding cities have remained popular among globetrotters for many years. For this reason, it is not difficult to find the perfect PD hotel. Below is some helpful information about Port Dickson and other great getaway destinations in the surrounding area:

Port Dickson 

Port Dickson boasts breathtaking white sandy beaches and abundant sunshine. The weather is perfect for travellers who enjoy a tropical climate. Most hotels and resorts are located directly on the beach, as the town of Port Dickson is slightly inland and has few tourist attractions. However, visitors quickly discover that a Port Dickson Hotel offers the best of both worlds, as the lovely beaches are easily accessible, but the area is close to many other popular cities and towns, including the following:

Kuala Lumpur 

Kuala Lumpur is often described as the heartbeat of Malaysia. Not only is it the country’s capital city, but it is also home to the world’s tallest buildings, the renowned Petronas Twin Towers. An outstanding view of the metropolis of Kuala Lumpur can be seen from the top of either tower, making them a sightseeing favourite among many travellers. Kuala Lumpur is also home to an essentially unlimited number of family-friendly activities and attractions, most of which are located conveniently in the city’s centre.

Malaysian Borneo 

Those who enjoy exploring lush, green rain forests, viewing different animals and birds in their natural habitat or walking along spectacular natural trails should plan to visit Malaysian Borneo before their Malaysian holiday is over. Guests can visit endangered orang utan sanctuaries or participate in a rainforest canopy walk when visiting this intriguing tropical island. Because of its eco-friendly environment and beautiful climate, Malaysian Borneo is an ideal choice for outdoor lovers.

Taman Negara 

A great location for unique photo opportunities because of its many waterfalls, Taman Negara is a great option for anyone who enjoys sightseeing. Elephant sightings also occur on a regular basis in Taman Negara. Those who like to camp out can take an inexpensive boat ride across the river to Kuala Tahan, where camping sites abound.

Booking a Port Dickson Hotel 

Numerous options exist for those in search of the ideal PD hotel or similar establishment in the surrounding area. Holidaymakers are wise to read client reviews online or speak to a travel agent before making a final decision regarding reservations. Some travellers prefer all-inclusive Malaysia packages, as this option provides a way to save additional money when travelling. Regardless of which attractions one visits, anyone planning to spend time in the Port Dickson area is guaranteed to have a memorable and interesting holiday.


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