How To Mix Work And Play In Your Business Travel To Penang

Too much work and no play can make a person dull. This is doubly true, and it’s no different even in the corporate world. When traveling on business to Penang, it’s important to add some leisure to your work routine to make your stay more fun. Penang’s alluring charm, together with its many diverse cultures, makes it a top spot of negotiating many business deals and dream vacations. Here are some tips that can help you add a mix of leisure to your work schedule.







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1)    See the world on the weekend

If you’re a compulsive traveler, it’s likely your company foots the bill. This means if you’re traveling to Penang, you’ll probably stay there for a couple of weeks doing whatever you want. The beauty of all this is that local commute services around Penang are cheap. Over the weekend board a cab, bus, or bicycle and wander around to spectacle the stunning array of attractions the city boasts. Some of the most popular and must-visit attractions around Penang include Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram Temple, Penang War Museum, Cheong Fart Tze Mansion and more. These attraction sites will make you fall in love with the people’s rich culture, authentic local dishes, and heartwarming ambiance. Immersing yourself in such areas will also help you clear your mind, especially when you had a long stressful week at work.








2)    Check with your hotel’s front desk

Some travelers don’t seem to care about checking the many hot weekend getaway packages the hotel provides. Sometimes, you may be in luck to find incredible deals being offered at throw away prices, which anyone can afford. Make sure to check the package deals the hotel has set aside for visitors on business. Moreover, skim through the hotel’s website to see whether you can find any business specials that can make your weekend awesome!









3)    Plan wisely and work smartly

This is among the best ways people can prepare themselves for a heartwarming “bleisure” (business leisure) success. Check whether you can locate yourself in a convenient location, like near an airport. Many airports have ready means of transport in great variety, which can drop you to any place you specify. Booking a hotel near the Penang airport is a wise decision, as the place allows a window of opportunity for sightseeing while working.








4)    Make the most of your connections

Because much of your time will be interacting with locals, ask them for some tips on how to get along in Penang. Ask them about the important places to go, things to do and what food to eat around the city. You’ll be impressed with the array of generous recommendations they’ll have on their list. They might advise you on the most decent restaurant to visit, and where you should hang out for fun after work. In some cases, the same people might ask whether they should accompany you to your choice of interest–which is super-fun!







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5)    Join with the family

When you’re aware of the minutes set for your trip, check if your family can join in to make the trip more fun. Although it’s good to ensure you’re working efficiently, you can spend some quality together at the hotel or a sightseeing area after work. In fact, this is another smart way of transforming a work trip into a charming “bleisure” trip. Eastern And Oriental Hotel, Lone Pine Hotel, and Shangri-La’s Sayang Resort and Spa, Penang,


Penang are some of the most popular and booked hotels around the city. All of them provide a free buffet breakfast, free and fast Wi-Fi, and free parking. Booking fee starts from RM579, RM 436, and RM685 respectively.


Referred to as Pearl of the Orient, Penang continues to entice visitors with its astonishing coasts and scrumptious cuisines. Many business travelers come here to hold exclusive meetings, exhibitions, incentives and other important affairs. If you’re one of them, it’s important to add more glamor to your business trip so that it can become more fun!



Adding some work and play into your work routine can help you experience the old charms of Penang in a more colorful way. Follow the tips shared above to know how you can mix leisure into your work schedule in your next trip to Penang.

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