How to Get from Johor Bahru to Singapore

Johor Bahru, the second largest city in Malaysia, has many restaurants, shopping and hotels, so it is not difficult to find accommodations for eating or a hotel in Johor Bahru. However, some visiting this exotic city may also want to cross the causeway to tour Singapore.

Johor Bahru is located across the causeway from Singapore. While that may seem close in proximity, it truly is not and can be an especially arduous journey if you have not researched various transportation options.


Travelling to Singapore by Plane

Those who travel the area regularly say that it is time consuming to use most flights out of Johar Bahru Senai Airport to go to Singapore. Singapore has made travelling through the airport extraordinarily difficult because it considers the Johor Bahru airport to be competition. There is an Air Asia hub in Johar Bahru and that is the preferred airline for travel, but transferring to go to Singapore will take quite a bit of time.



Travelling to Singapore by Bus

There are two bus services that go to Singapore out of the Larkin Bus Station, located at the Johar Bahru airport. The cost is RM8 for a one-way ticket and a bus trip will take approximately 45 minutes to reach Singapore, but it will take about three hours total for the trip including clearing customs and bus transfers. The two bus services are CW1 Larkin Bus Terminal/Kranji MRT Station and CW2 Larkin Bus Terminal/Queen Street. You will need to clear customs in Johar Bahru, get on a Causeway Link bus, cross the causeway to the Woodlands Custom terminal in Singapore, and then clear customs there. Then, you will get on a numbered bus, based on your ticket, and go to the bus terminal that your ticket designates. Most say the Queen Street service is best for visitors.

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Travelling to Singapore by Taxi

There are taxi services from a hotel in Johor Bahru to Singapore, but the costs are beyond what most are willing to pay. There is not a fixed rate for taxi service from either the airport or hotels, so a simple ride from the airport to Johor Bahru’s city centre starts at MYR$40.


Those wishing to visit Singapore while they are in Johor Bahru are best served to travel by bus, as it is less time consuming and less costly than taking a plane or a taxi. Any of the options will require a bit of effort and time and some advanced planning.

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