Experience Malaysia in Port Dickson

Malaysia is an appealing location for many to visit. It offers beautiful beaches, tropical rainforests, and diverse culture. Due to a recent decline in Malaysian Ringgit against the major currencies, Malaysia has become even more attractive in terms of value for money.
Most international flights arrive at Kuala Lumpur. For those seeking to venture outside the capital, Port Dickson is a good choice. It is only slightly over an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur and offers many attractions.


This coastal city offers reasonably priced hotels, while those looking for a hotel in Port Dickson, or some other vacation rental, will also find a variety of choices.

Among the best attractions in the area are the beaches. Beautiful nature, sea, and tropical sun are things that are attracting tourists to this location. Also, a visit to a lighthouse known as Tanjung Tuan is recommended.


Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse

Another major attraction in the area is Port Dickson Ostrich Show Farm. There are over 90 ostriches there. Additionally, there are other animals such as crocodiles or peacocks. It is also possible to ride an ostrich given you weigh less than 40 kg (88 lbs). Those above this maximum limit can ride donkeys or ponies.


Port Dickson Ostrich Show Farm

Meanwhile, travellers interested in history will not be disappointed as there are some interesting places to visit in the area of Port Dickson.

One is Port Dickson Army Museum. This is the place where visitors can see various weapons, military aircraft, and armed vehicles.


Port Dickson Army Museum

The other exciting place to see is Kota Lukut, located just 4 km (2.5 miles) north of the city. It is a historic fort located on top of a hill.


Wan Loong Temple

For those interested in culture, there is Wan Loong, a Chinese temple. Visitors get to appreciate its colors, opulent design, and fortress walls.

Visiting Port Dickson is a good choice for those staying nearby Kuala Lumpur. Beaches, history, and culture make this place attractive.


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