Book at Genting Hotels for a View in the Clouds

Travelling with your family is one of the most precious activities that you can do, even just once or twice a year. Visiting another place or country is even better, because it allows you to completely immerse yourself in a new culture.


That’s why when travelling to Malaysia, many local and international tourists stay at Genting Highlands Hotel. Here are the top reasons why you should join them, and book a ticket to Malaysia now.

1.    Sleep in the Clouds


Situated atop the Gunung Ulu Kali, Pahang, staying here makes you feel like you’re sleeping in the clouds. It also has a very cool temperature because of its high location – which makes it perfect for a comfortable summer vacation.

2.    Something for all the Family


Don’t be deceived by its location because it offers a lot more than just a cool breeze! This is the perfect location to spend family time, with many activities available.


It has both a theme park and a shopping mall, catering to all tastes. You and the kids can enjoy the different rides in the theme park. After all the trips, start relaxing by discovering souvenirs for your friends and family.

3.    Discover the Chin Swee Temple


Your Genting hotel booking is worth it solely for this magnificent temple. The cave temple is a popular tourist attraction, and it’s clear why. You can uncover ancient figures of deities, witness a 15-metre Buddha statue, or stand on the Sky Terrace and marvel at the vast valley beneath you.

4.    Painless Genting Hotel Online Booking


It’s all made so easy with our online booking system. You can book your room in the blink of an eye, and won’t have to worry about transport to the hotel. This will leave you with more time to enjoy your adventure.


Are you ready for a vacation like no other? Look no further than Genting Hotels. With incredible sights, a great location and top-notch accommodation, you couldn’t do any better.

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