A Quick Guide to Picking a Good Business Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

Staying at a good hotel during a business trip could be as important as planning your itinerary. If you are going to travel to Kuala Lumpur for the first time, we have some tips to choose the most suitable hotel in KL during your business trip:


  1. Check accessibility

An ideal hotel to stay in during a business trip is the one located near your meeting venues, malls or shopping center which would allow you easy access when you need to get essential things. More importantly, make sure your room receives good signal of the broadband internet provided by the hotel.


  1. Check corporate rates

Big chain hotels around the world, especially the 4-star and 5-star brands, have special rates for corporates. With that rate, your company could save more than 20 percent and easily book a room during the peak seasons.


  1. Get all-in-one service

An indication of a good business hotel is its flexibility to facilitate business travelers and make them feel at home. They are aware of the habits of business travelers; they are miles away from home – some are spending several months out of a year to travel – and expect to have some comfort while working towards their business goals. A hotel that provides a 24 hours business center, gym, laundry service, and some variety of restaurants, would give you a peace of mind.


  1. Choose familiarity over discount

Nowadays, with so many competitions in the hospitality industry, it will not be too difficult to find a new establishment or even Airbnb accommodation that could offer cheaper rates. However, when it comes to business travel, you would want to maintain some familiarities in the place you are staying at.


After a few months and years, you will feel less like a stranger if you are staying in the same area of Kuala Lumpur, at the same hotel. Before you know it, you will be memorizing the names of the receptionist or bartender who is always there when you need them the most. When that happens, you would know you have chosen the right hotel.

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