5 Romantic Ideas To Spend Your Anniversary Getaway In PD

Port Dickson, or PD among the locals, is among the most popular anniversary getaways for couples on a romantic trip to celebrate their special event. If you’re going to Port Dickson with your special someone, consider these five romantic ideas to spend your anniversary getaway at the coastal town:

  1. Have dinner at the Jetboat Club – There’s a Jetboat Club by the sea which is hard to miss, as the building features a breathtaking colonial era style, with a lovely large balcony where you can enjoy your dinner by the sea and watch the sunset. The ambience is romantic and dreamy. You can also rent a jetboat if you’re interested in exploring the area.stay-in-best-hotel-in-pd-and-dining-at-jetboat-club
  2. Take a walk at the Cape Rachado Lighthouse – Built by the Portuguese a few hundred years ago, the Cape Rachado Lighthouse is a must-visit historical place in PD. The tourist attraction serves as a great location for beautiful photos, not to mention how romantic the backdrop is. A 72-step spiral staircase will greet you upon arrival. The place is also ideal for bird watching.have-a-walk-at-cape-rachado-lighthouse-and-stay-in-best-hotel-in-pd-are-romantic
  3. Learn about Lukut’s golden era – If you and your partner are history buffs, don’t forget to visit the Lukut Museum and learn about the golden era of Lukut, which used to be the tin trade capital. Discover 16th century artifacts taken from Nassau shipwreck such as microscopes, coins, urns, China wares and porcelain, and canons. There are also exhibits on farming tools, textiles and weaving of the old days.visit-lukuts-building-learn-about-its-golden-era-and-stay-in-best-hotel-in-pd
  4. Scuba diving – For the adventurous type, you can go scuba diving with your partner and view the beautiful corals and fishes under the sea. For the best deals, sign up for a group package where a professional instructor will guide you as you put on a suit, swim and dive in the ocean.couple-scuba-diving-in-pd-and-stay-in-best-hotel
  5. Bird watching – If you’re looking to do something relaxing, go bird watching at any beaches or Fort Lukut. This is a perfect time for you and your partner to enjoy each other’s company and engage in meaningful conversations surrounded by the nature.

To celebrate your special anniversary, book the best hotel in Port Dickson where it provides special service for couples on a romantic getaway. Some of the services that you can request include asking them to put rose petals on bed, to prepare a gift basket your partner will love, to have swan-shaped towels ready, or to serve sexy cocktails and snacks upon arrival.

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