5 Extremely Chill Out Places In George Town You Have To Visit



If chilling out is your thing when you do holidays, then George Town in Penang, Malaysia is the place for you. Good news is, George Town is the town centre of Penang and is generally easy to get around on foot. But if you’re not one to walk around all day, why not give this trail of chill out spots a try? Here are some awesome places you can visit if you want to chill:






  1. Wheeler’s Coffee

At first sight, Wheeler’s Coffee seems like a cafe for the bike enthusiasts but even if you’re biking or taking a stroll around town, there’s no excuse not to drop by on one of Penang’s famous cafes to give their coffee a try.   Address: 67 Jalan Love Lane, George Town, Penang Island







  1. Micke’s Place

There’s no way you can ever put a finger on what theme Micke’s Place is trying to achieve as part of Penang’s cafe scene because of its eccentric artworks and scribbles all around the walls. But nevermind that because Micke’s Place never fails to give travellers a good time with its live music on most nights and unpretentious comfort foods.   Address: 94 Lorong Love, George Town, Penang Island








  1. Passion Heart

Passion Heart is a family-run cafe. If you’d like to experience home-cooked food from a true blue Penang family, then Passion Heart is to place you have to visit. Their cakes and local delights such as nasi lemak are to die for and they even do brunch if you’re craving for one.   Address: 83 Lebuh Muntri, George Town, Penang Island








  1. Market Lane Cafe

Another great coffee place you should never miss is a local favourite called Market Lane Cafe where they serve one of the best rendang chicken in town. If you do visit, do try their cakes and coffee because they hardly disappoint!  Address: 34C Lorong Pasar, George Town, Penang Island






  1. Auction Room

For something that looks similar to the bistro in Boston, Auction Room definitely breathes fresh air into Penang’s cafe scene. Fantastic ambience with a touch of class, you’ll be staying here all day when you’re with the right company.   Address: No. 38A Jalan Sungai Ujong, George Town




There’s so much to see and so much to do in George Town alone. If you book a hotel near Komtar Penang and explore the places mentioned above, you can be sure that George Town will provide you with one memorable and relaxing day.

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