4 Best Budget Hotels in Port Dickson

While some people chase for their dream to see the world, some of us just sit around the corner in front of a computer to look at pictures of our dream destinations. Sadly, it’s the budget that’s stopping us from getting on a plane that will take us to where we want to be. Luckily, airlines have opened their gates through low-cost tickets for budget-conscious travelers. And coming with it is the growing number of affordable hotels and resorts, making the next-to-impossible dream to come true.


Port Dickson is not an exception. With many budget to luxury PD hotels to stay in by the sea, you will get to experience the life that you could only imagine.


Clover Hotel Port Dickson

For as low as 100MYR, you can have a great night’s stay in this beachfront PD hotel. Clover Hotel provides a complimentary access to WiFi, a flat screen TV in every room, luggage lockers, parking facility, and even free toiletries. There are restaurants surrounding the hotel so you will never starve while you are here.


Sea Front Hotel Port Dickson

As it is just about 5 kilometres away from the town centre, you can visit Port Dickson’s attractions with ease. But its accessibility is nothing compared to the beautiful sunset and the Straits of Malacca you can view from here. This hotel also offers free WiFi access to its guests and if you are too tired to get out, a restaurant on the ground floor will serve you meals. Price range for a Queen Sea View room is 78MYR-120MYR exclusive of 10% service charge and 6% hotel tax fee.


Merlin Hotel

Each room in Merlin Hotel is air-conditioned and is equipped with flat-screen TV, safety deposit box where you can keep your valuable items, bathroom, and WiFi access. The hotel also has a mini-playground and garden, making this inn an ideal accommodation for families. A Deluxe Twin Room will only cost you about 93MYR (inclusive of taxes) but the benefit you will get is worth more than that.


Bougainvilla Resort

If you love singing, this cabin-inspired inn is perfect for you. With karaoke, camping site, barbeque pit, and cafe, Bougainvilla is one of the best choices for you and your friends. This resort will also give you a picturesque glimpse of the lovely Pantai Purnama as well. Room rates start at around 125MYR for a Standard Room while a Family Room costs around 190MYR.


Now that these budget hotels are sprouting everywhere, we’ve got no more excuse not to follow our heart’s calling to go around the globe, hopping from beaches to beaches.

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