3 Money-saving Hotel Booking Tips in Penang That You Need to Know



Penang is one of the famous tourist destinations in Malaysia today. This place is highly industrialized and urbanized and is considered an economically important state in Malaysia. Penang also has a vastly diverse culture, ethnicity, religion, and language which are perfect for all sorts of visitors around the world. Tourists who are visiting Penang will see that the city of George Town is the most favorite tourist destination in this Malaysian state. This city, which was founded in 1786 by the British, is awarded a World Heritage Site citation by UNESCO.

For those excited travelers who are looking for a place to stay near the travel destinations in this beautiful Malaysian state, here are three easy tips to help them pick a budget hotel in Penang:






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  1. Search for hotels online

There are plenty of budget-friendly hotels in Penang that could provide travelers the comfort and security that they need while touring different tourist attractions. The best budget hotels are those that offer free breakfast and other upgrades if a person book for more than three days. Travelers are advised to read online reviews written by satisfied clients. This way, they will have a clue about the kind of services that particular Penang hotel offers its clients. Always check the most recent ones because there are some reviews that are certainly out-of-date already. Take time reading them before making a decision.






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  1. Book ahead

Booking ahead will save tourists time and energy competing with others looking for a reservation for a particular room. Also, this will save them money because room prices practically change every day. Booking during holidays and festivals is surely expensive. They can avoid paying too much if they book three or four months ahead of their intended date.





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  1. Use credit card reward points

Credit card reward points are immensely beneficial in overseas travels, especially when it comes to finding budget hotels. Tourists can maximize their budget by using their credit card reward points to pay for accommodation and meals during their stay in Penang.



Knowing how to book a budget-friendly hotel in Penang will help tourists save time and money that they could otherwise spend on their trip. By doing so, they will be able to make their travel worthwhile because they don’t need to worry about spending extra cash for accommodation. Before going to Penang, always conduct a thorough research in order to experience maximum comfort from the start until the end of travel.

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