Learning Through Play: How Can Role Play Foster Early Child Development?

In the past, people regard play as a normal and innate activity that children perform out of instinct. Despite the fact that kids engage themselves in spontaneous child play, adult supervision is still important to stimulate early childhood development.   There are a lot of kids’ activities that parents can introduce to their children in […]

Port Dickson Ideal Malaysian Holiday Destination

The quiet shores of Port Dickson, Malaysia, offer the ideal holiday for those planning an Asian trip. Outstanding scenery, beautiful beaches featuring warm, tranquil water, friendly residents and sumptuous fare are just a few of the many wonderful things a traveller can expect when on holiday in the region. Fortunately, hotels in Port Dickson can […]

Business Hotels: Where to Stay in Kuala Lumpur

As a top performing business executive or salesperson, you want to choose a hotel that has an adequate number electrical outlets in your hotel room because you have an iPad, a laptop and other technology that needs to be hooked in. One of the biggest complaints facing hotels is that they do not have the […]

Port Dickson (Malaysia) Travel Tips/Guide/Advice – LPD

Situated on the Malacca Strait, Port Dickson is an idyllic holiday resort destination set against a lush tropical background. In addition to pristine beaches, a hotel in Port Dickson is also close to other popular attractions in the area. To reach this seaside community, fly into Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which is located approximately an hour to the north. […]

A Shopper’s Paradise: A Few Quick Tips on Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the dynamic metropolitan capital of Malaysia. Currently Kuala Lumpur is a bustling economic powerhouse that is filled with shops, restaurants, and skyscrapers. If you ever travel to Kuala Lumpur on business or for pleasure, this article is intended to help you get the most out of your visit. Hotels  You can find […]

Kuala Lumpur: A Fun Wonderland in Exotic Southeast Asia

There are millions of travellers to Southeast Asia every year; many times they go to Thailand or Singapore to see the sights and enjoy the local culture. In these jungle islands filled with a thrilling sense of freedom and exoticism, many forget about Malaysia. As we will see, it is most definitely worth a visit, […]

Places to Visit in Port Dickson

For those who are hoping to visit and experience some unique destinations around Port Dickson, there are plenty of beautiful, interesting and exotic places that you’ll enjoy. Besides, don’t forget to check whether the attractions are close to your hotel in PD. You might need to take the distance into consideration for you to have a […]